More Reasons to Enjoy Kenya During Your Vacation


In its own right, Kenya really belongs to the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This is one of the countries that receive a great hoard of foreign tourists, particularly during the months of July to August and also December to January. This is a place where adventure seekers can have fun whereas those who want to sit back and relax can have something to enjoy as well. Kenya offers loads of activities that will surely make a vacation worth remembering. Here are just some of the things that tourists can enjoy during their trip to wonderful country of Kenya:


First you can take a balloon trip. There are short hot air balloons that allows you to take pleasure in the aerial scenes of Kenya. This is available over the major wildlife resorts such as the Masai Mara. They are quite popular among the tourists. If you want to make the most out of the balloon trip, then it is best that you leave in the morning so that you can spend the first hours after the sunrise. You can glide over the Kenyan plains which is the best spot for animal watching. After landing, you will have your breakfast served with champagne. It is not cheap, which costs about $400, but it is completely worth it.


Second, you can visit Nairobi.  Though a lot of people are afraid of Nairobi because it doesn't have the best reputation in Kenya. But there are a lot good qualities in Nairobi that makes it worth visiting as long as you take some common sense and precaution. There is nothing unpleasant that will likely happen to you. Basically, Nairobi is a cosmopolitan where Africans here and whites blend together. Simmers is actually a great place to visit in Nairobi. It is a great place for brunch where you can also have a good coffee and read newspapers. And just outside the Nairobi there is the Nairobi National Park which makes this the one of the few capitals where in just matter of a 30-minute taxi ride from the center you can find yourself in the middle of wild bush.


Third, you can also go diving in the Indian Ocean. Kenya has wonderful opportunities for diving and snorkeling, even by professional standards. There are reefs at Watamu National Park along the coastline are in an outstanding condition. This is the place where you can observe many of very exotic fish, in every color and shape imaginable. The marine life thrive in these areas because fishers are totally banned from the waters. Find out more information at